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EU – AGRIFI Kenya Challenge Fund (2018 – 2023)

By |14th May 2020|

The AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund is a EUR 24 million five-year agribusiness support programme that is funded by the European Union in partnership with the European Investment Bank. It aims to support small and medium sized enterprises that have a track record of facilitating productive, adapted, and market integrated smallholder agriculture.

Through an €18 million challenge […]

Technical Assistance for Trade Facilitation Programme in Mozambique (2019-2020)

By |24th April 2020|

Implementation for the EUR 12 million “Supporting Trade and Development in Mozambique – “Promove Comércio”programme began in November 2019. This project is financed under the 11th EDF National indicative programme for Mozambique and the Regional Indicative Programme. The programme aims to improve trade facilitation aspects of the Ease of Doing Business by reinforcing Government capacity to implement […]

Design of a Philanthropic Prize Programme (2018)

By |13th December 2019|

Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) is an Angolan bank, operating since 1993. In 2005, BFA’s Board of Directors approved the design and creation of a Social Fund, intended to support relevant social initiatives at national level in the areas of education, healthcare, and social solidarity. In 2017, the BFA Board increased funds available for social […]

Evaluation of JOAC Sugar Project: Building Market and Climate Resilience for Sugar Farmers in Swaziland (2019)

By |13th December 2019|

Fairtrade has managed a £220,926 project in Swaziland, funded by the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission, between 2016-2018 to build market and climate resilience for sugar farmers in Swaziland.
The aim of the project was to achieve the following outcomes for farmers negatively impacted by changes to EU legislation affecting their market and climate changes threatening their […]

Evaluation of the Safer Communities Incubator Programme (2017-2019)

By |13th December 2019|

Fight for Peace International (FFPI) works with youth at risk or already involved in violence to develop their psycho social, academic and job skills using boxing and martial arts as an entry point to the youth. The SCP specifically, uses a ‘Collective Impact’, which is a strategy for social change based on the assumption that […]

Mauritius MFA – Trade Remedies (2019-2020)

By |13th December 2019|

Mauritius is a Small Island Developing Country which is fully integrated into the global trading system. It is an export-oriented economy with international trade (imports and exports) making up for almost 100% of GDP. As a member of COMESA and SADC, it has liberalized fully its trade for its constituent members and is currently actively […]

Consolidating Interventions on the Non-Tariff Barriers Elimination in South Sudan (2018 – 2019)

By |13th December 2019|

TradeMark East Africa has been working with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the Private Sector to map Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) in South Sudan. They have assisted in developing a strategy for their elimination as well as establishing the NTB National Monitoring Committee (NTBs NMC).

The purpose of this engagement was to continue supporting the […]

Profiling the Agro-Processing Industry in the SADC Region (2018 – 2019)

By |26th November 2019|

Agriculture contributes about 15% of total SADC GDP (between 4% and 27% of GDP in the different SADC Member States), industry accounts for 31% and services for 55%. The share of manufacturing (11.3% SADC wide, 2014) with the exception of South Africa and Mauritius, remains low and relatively undiversified in SADC.

The revised SADC Regional Indicative […]

Market Survey on Non-Timber Forest Products in Northern Ghana (2015 – 2016)

By |26th November 2019|

Northern Ghana has been left behind as the rest of the country reports impressive economic growth. Most families in Northern Ghana rely on subsistence agriculture in a harsh, dry climate that is prone to drought and other impacts of climate change. Poverty and food insecurity are higher in this region than elsewhere in the country. […]

Maine Aquaculture Workforce Development Strategy (2018 – 2019)

By |6th November 2019|

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (MRI) and Maine Aquaculture Association (Project Partners) required the services of a consulting team to develop an objective and fact-based Statewide Training Strategy (The Workforce Development Strategy) for Maine’s growing and evolving aquaculture industry.
The intended outcomes for the Workforce Development Strategy were:
1. to serve as a strategic roadmap for […]