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World Bank Group (WBG) – Firm Graduation Criteria Assessment Survey (2021/22)

By |26th January 2023|

The World Bank Group contracted ICL to conduct 500 surveys with non-micro (4+ employees) SMEs in Blantyre and Lilongwe cities. The surveys measured certain capabilities and characteristics of business owners and managers to inform the Bank’s development of firm graduation/evaluation criteria and ultimately inform future support to SMEs in the country. Imani worked collaboratively with […]

GIZ – Midline study: Aquaculture Value Chains for Higher Income and Food Security [AVCP Malawi] (2021)

By |26th January 2023|

Midline study which sought to update quantitative and qualitative figures which ICL collected at baseline, to gauge impact and progress against AVCP’s goals for project implementation. As at baseline, the study sought to analyse how cross-cutting issues affect the target group (e.g. environment, nutrition and marginalized groups – youths, women, people living with HIV/AIDS) and […]

Research Triangle Institute (RT) – Food Systems Research and Stakeholder Engagement (2022)

By |26th January 2023|

RTI international approached Imani to conduct research on two nutritious value chains – fish and dairy – in Malawi, with specific reference to the external domain and market-side factors impacting accessibility and availability to rural households. ICL contributed to RTI (with direction from USAID)’s selection of value chains, devised a research methodology to meet RTI’s objectives, […]

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) – Empowering Producers in Commercial Agriculture [EPIC] (2021)

By |26th January 2023|

EPIC aims to empower rural producers and their wider communities to influence public decisions and private sector conduct in favour of bottom-up, locally beneficial and more sustainable investments in commercial agriculture. Role included creating a feasibility report to assess the potential of expanding into four commercial value chains: banana, dairy farming, beans, and/or Irish potatoes. […]

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) – Climate Change Research Amongst Female Tea Growers (2022)

By |26th January 2023|

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Ethical Tea Partnership, under the FCDO’s Work and Opportunities for Women Programme (WOW), entrusted Imani to conduct research on the impacts of climate change on female tea growers in Thyolo and Mulanje districts, with special attention to climate resilience and adaptation. Imani conducted a series of participatory workshops and key informant interviews […]

Enhancing export market access for aquaculture products from the SACU+M region: TFSA HAB Training programme

By |3rd October 2022|

Under the Trade Forward Southern Africa Programme’s Value Chain Support Component, Imani Development has been formulating and delivering a range of strategies to support the aquaculture industry in the SACU+M region in maintaining and enhancing export market access for their products. During the early stages of implementation, an industry mapping exercise and complementary capacity needs […]

Due Diligence in Development, ESG and Impact Investing Spaces: Our Approach and Lessons Learnt by Chad Capon

By |30th September 2022|

There is a growing recognition in the donor, investment, and corporate community that the way corporates manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors—such as carbon emissions, standards on labour, and internal procedures to fight corruption—impacts financial returns and permeates the boundaries of single companies to affect the entire ecosystem they operate within.
There is a compelling […]

Addressing Export Barriers for South African Shellfish: A roadmap towards EU compliance

By |9th September 2022|

Trade Forward Southern Africa (TFSA) is a UK government funded programme that operates across countries in the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) and Mozambique. The programme targets its support on the private and public sector to facilitate new and ongoing trade relations between the SACU+M region and the UK through five programme components, including supporting […]

Latest News: Imani Development recognized as a 2022 Best For The World™ for exceptional impact on its customers

By |13th July 2022|

Imani Development, has been named a 2022 Best for the World™ B Corp™ in recognition of its exceptional positive impact on its Customers.

Best for the World is a distinction granted by B Lab to Certified B Corporations (B Corps) whose verified B Impact Scores in the five impact areas evaluated in the B Impact Assessment […]

Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund (Apr 2014 – Dec 2022)

By |20th June 2022|

The Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund (MICF) is a US$ 22 million competitive, transparent mechanism that provides grant finance for innovative projects proposed by the private sector in Malawi’s agricultural and manufacturing sectors. Supported by the United Nations Development Programme and UK Aid, IFAD through the PRIDE programme, and the Federal Republic of Germany through KFW, […]