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What is the value of social entrepreneurship for a non-profit organisation working for social development and justice? by Elena Mancebo

While social entrepreneurship is still a relatively new concept in South Africa, most social development sector commentators agree that traditional non-profit funding is shrinking ever year, and most funders increasingly expect some form of financial self-sufficiency in the organisations and projects they fund.

This is why more and more non-profit organisations are testing new income-generating ideas. […]

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Design and build or build and make do? Insights into effective OSBP implementation by Katlego Nkgudi

The One-Stop Border Post (OSBP) concept is one that has been adopted and implemented across the African continent with some degree of success. While frameworks and guidelines for its implementation exist, the challenges met when implementing OSBPs are country and context specific. Imani Development has helped operationalise border modernisation interventions such as the OSBP across […]

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EU prepares industry for Brexit: Shouldn’t SADC be doing so? by Mirabel Bausinger

Imani Development recently completed a poverty assessment on the effects of Brexit on EU-SADC trade under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Our analysis of specific priority sectors under the SADC EPA such as wine, horticulture and automotive assessed and suggested that, in the short run, the main challenges for the private sector will be technical; […]

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Interview with Dr. Nicholas Charalambides on M&E in Trade Agreements

Imani Development recently designed a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System for the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between six SADC member states and the EU, known as the SADC-EU EPA. Elena Mancebo, M&E specialist at Imani Development, sat down with Dr Nick Charalambides to reflect on what were our learnings and findings from this and other […]

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Chikolongo Farm Project by Regine Ankoma-Bempong

Located in Southern Malawi, on the border of the Liwonde National Park, a community of humans and animals exist side by side. Liwonde National Park is home to a rich array of wildlife, including elephant, impala, kudu, waterbuck, buffalo, crocodile and hippopotamus. Chikolongo village is located on the Park’s western boundary, and due to its […]

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Effective Implementation of SADC’s STR by Mirabel Bausinger

First Steps towards Facilitating Trade for Women and Small-Scale Traders in SADC

Small-scale, often informal, cross-border trade (CBT) plays a significant role in Africa’s trade environment; informal trade represents over a third of SADC’s intra-regional trade (an estimated value of almost $18 billion per year[1]). More significant than the economic proportion of intra-regional trade that small-scale […]

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Evaluation in the 21st Century by Elena Mancebo

Development practitioners – donors, designers, policy shapers and implementers – across the globe agree that evaluation must play a stronger role in shaping development efforts. For some time now, we have heard calls for “evidence-based” policy-making; for the professionalisation of evaluation practice as well as for the need to increase the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) […]

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Photos: Border Visits – Nyamapanda/Cochemane

Imani Development has been undertaking a range of border assessments as part of our Development of the SADC Simplified Trade Regime. The primary focus of this is supporting the SADC Secretariat and SADC Member States in drafting, negotiating, and finalising the SADC STR.



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Managing Risk in Development by Andy Simpson, MD

Development agencies, philanthropists, charities and to a lesser extent even corporates are all active social change agents – whether they explicitly focus on health, education, agriculture, enterprise, the arts or any of a myriad of sectors that speak to the human condition either directly or indirectly.  Most are acutely aware of their contributors/donors/shareholders and are […]

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Effective, Accessible Transport in Cape Town: What can be done?

Martin Eichhorn

In recognition of the daily transport difficulties faced by People with Disabilities in Cape Town, the DG Murray Trust commissioned Imani Development to conduct research into the issue and draw up potential solutions. With the end-goal of piloting and – ultimately – rolling out an independent social enterprise to cater for travelers with disabilities, […]

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