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COVID-19: How is the air cargo industry reacting and responding ? by Jarrod Patrick

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the air freight industry very hard. Since the outbreak of the virus, recent figures have shown that the overall global air cargo capacity has decreased by 35% [1]. Year on year – from June 2019 to June 2020 – global air cargo capacity declined by 27%[2]. The sector has been deeply affected […]

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COVID-19’s impact on the SA Wine Industry and Potential Response and Recovery Interventions by Chad Capon

The South African wine industry has been severely weakened with the onset of COVID-19. The R49 billion-a-year industry has been affected in numerous ways, from export restrictions, to the national ban on the sale of alcohol, which has recently been reinstated. According to Vinpro the contribution of the wine industry to the GDP for the […]

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Supporting South Sudan to cope with the trade impact of COVID-19 by Charles Data Alemi

Like every other country, the spread of COVID-19 is proving to be a double tragedy with effects on both health and economic well being. Despite taking a while to confirm its first case, which happened on 6th April 2020, the number of cases in South Sudan are growing rapidly with the count reaching 194 cases […]

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The potential impact of COVID-19 on African trade by Andrew Parker, Nick Charalambides and Jay Grunder

There will be a number of changes to African trade due to COVID-19, but it is acknowledged that at this stage there is a very high degree of uncertainty around scenarios.

Not just global supply chain disruptions, but changing demand: Supermarkets in the Global North are struggling with changing demand to domestic consumption rather than retail. This […]

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