Imani Development is proud to announce the official launch of the 2021 AfCFTA Futures Report titled: “Which Value Chains for a Made in Africa Revolution?”. The launch was hosted by AfCFTA Secretariat Secretary General, Mr. Wamkele Mene at the just ended Intra-African Trade Fair in Durban.

Imani Development was responsible for drafting the report’s anchor chapter on regional value chains. The chapter assesses the concrete opportunities resulting from the tariff and services offers that have been exchanged amongst AfCFTA State Parties, and identifies 10 Value Chains that can contribute to “A Made in Africa” revolution. Value Chains identified include Automotives; Leather and Leather Products, Cocoa; Soya; Textiles and Apparel; Pharmaceuticals; Vaccine Manufacturing; Lithium – Ion Batteries; Mobile Financial Services; and Cultural and Creative Industries.

The report will assist government officials to target sectors that hold opportunities for their nations, and RECs can work together to develop regional value chains in these sectors. Businesses are also better informed on where to invest to seize AfCFTA opportunities.

Emphasizing the importance of Regional Value Chains as Africa’s pathway to structural transformation, Director of Regional Integration and Trade at Imani Development, Dr Nicholas Charalambides said, “AfCFTA is much more than a trade agreement. It is a tool for sustainable development. Therefore, each of the different value chains provide a different perspective that is not only about new product and country level opportunities for trade, but also how those opportunities will contribute to the realisation of AU Goals and the SDGs.”

You can read the full report here