Imani Development is proud to be part of a consortium of firms working on the EU-funded Kenyan Initiative for Long-Term Integration of Market Operators in Value Chains (KILIMO-VC) programme. The KILIMO-VC programme was launched on the 20th of June, as part of the European Union’s Kenya-AgriFI programme to support smallholder agriculture in Kenya. As implementing partner, Imani Development will provide technical oversight and operational support for the duration of the 5year programme.

The €24 million agribusiness support programme aims to improve the capacity of 100,000 smallholder farmers and pastoralists in practising environmentally sustainable and climate-smart agriculture as a business in inclusive value chains.

Through an €18 million challenge fund consisting of grants and loans, the scheme aims to allow farmers, cooperatives, and small entrepreneurs to access climate-smart agricultural training, develop their skills, improve quality standards, invest in equipment, marketing and branding for their businesses.

The project will embrace a collaborative approach in its implementation with Self Help Africa providing leadership and management and Imani Development providing technical oversight and operational support.

Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation in Kenya, and other local Kenyan trade platforms representing Agri-enterprise stakeholders will also be involved in the programme.

Visit AgriFI, Self Help Africa for more information.