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SME Export Capacity Building to Develop Nigeria-UK Business Linkages in Goods and Services (2019-2020)

By |22nd October 2020|

The FCO’s Global Trade Programme aims to reduce poverty and achieve economic growth through an increase in competitive SMEs (including women owned SMEs) which are able to trade internationally, including with the UK, contributing to economic and export base diversification, higher economic growth and job creation.

The access of Nigerian exporters to the UK market is […]

Scoping Mission and Technical Assistance in the Design and Implementation of an Integrated Community Aquaculture Scheme (2018 – 2019)

By |6th November 2019|

Imani Development was requested by Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FML) to prepare a proposal for the development of an Aquaculture scheme at their Sunti Golden Sugar Estate (SGSE) in Niger State, Nigeria. The estate is located along a floodplain of the Niger River, and currently irrigates its sugarcane with water from this source. A […]