Imani has been contracted to deliver a project on behalf of the Trade Advocacy Fund (TAF), in response to a request from the Lesotho Ministry of Trade, Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing (MTICM), looking to strengthen the trade negotiations capacity of Lesotho. The overall expected outcome of the project was to enable more effective participation of Lesotho delegations in regional and international trade negotiations.

The project consists of two closely related and complementary parts: providing technical assistance as well as providing training to stakeholders engaging in trade negotiations. Long-term technical assistance was provided throughout the 9-month duration of the project by placing a technical assistant within the MTICM, to focus on capacity building support. A number of short-term experts also provided policy briefs/research papers on key areas of interest for Lesotho (e.g. trade in services, rules of origin, TFTA negotiations, etc.).