The project undertook a formative or summative evaluation for selected PSO/CSO projects for TMEA in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

The formative evaluations measured the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and
sustainability of the PSO/CSO projects. It assessed the programme or intervention by
examining, amongst other things, the delivery of the programme, the quality of its implementation
and the organisational context, personnel, structures, and procedures. The aim was to test the project’s coherence to the overall theory of change within TMEA and to support the evolution and improvement of the current and future projects. The evaluation also validated (or invalidated) key outcomes and results and provide actionable insights on how to refine and improve the project’s efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.
The summative evaluations assessed how effectively and efficiently the projects met their intended objectives against planned ones, establish initial project impact on the beneficiaries.

The two types of evaluation identified and fed lessons learned into the management of current and future projects. The feedback from the evaluations was used to improve on-going projects and gave strategic direction to future TMEA/ trade facilitation programmes. The evaluation also identified is good practices or models that can be documented and showcased for learning, scale up and replication.