Imani provided the position of Key Expert (Technical Advisor) at the Office of Economic Advisor to the President of South Sudan. The technical advisor (TA) provided essential support to The Economic Advisor to H.E. the President of South Sudan. This support covered three broad strands: government policy formulation, aid policy, and internal government coordination. This was achieved through a combination of approaches including: provision of direct economic policy advice, facilitation of intra-government dialogue and donor-government communication as well as capacity building in the areas of policy advice, formulation and monitoring and evaluation. This work also involved drafting of speeches, preparation of policy briefs and presentations on key aspects of the economy as required by H.E. the President.

After four months in this position, the Economic Advisor to HE the President was appointed Minister of Finance, Commerce, Investment and Economic Planning, whereupon the newly appointed Minister requested the transfer of our Technical Advisor to his new Ministry, which was duly done.

One of the key areas of engagement under this project was support for South Sudan’s Accession to the EAC. The TA also drafted South Sudan’s Trade Policy Framework which included, among other, a detailed Regional Integration Strategy for the country. Our Technical Advisor also undertook various other tasks for the Minister including drafting speeches and providing technical and policy analysis and briefs. Capacity building within the Ministry was also a key component of this project.