Implementation for the EUR 12 million “Supporting Trade and Development in Mozambique – “Promove Comércio”programme began in November 2019. This project is financed under the 11th EDF National indicative programme for Mozambique and the Regional Indicative Programme. The programme aims to improve trade facilitation aspects of the Ease of Doing Business by reinforcing Government capacity to implement trade facilitation reforms (EPA and WTO TFA), address Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) quality infrastructure weaknesses and reinforces the knowledge and capacity of private sector stakeholders regarding EPA opportunities.

As Lead Implementation Partner on this project, Imani Development provided the following services;

  • Formulation of the Promove Comércio Technical Assistance Programme (Mozambique EPA Implementation Project + Technical Assistance to Implement WTO Requirements): Revision of needs assessment, benchmarking of international best-practice, revision of activities and budget, donor mapping, consultation with Government of Mozambique beneficiaries and EU Delegation to Mozambique, preparation of monitoring strategy;
  • Preparation of the Tender File according to EU procurement guidelines;
  • Design and implementation of Capacity Building services:

Government of Mozambique: Delivery of technical support to the National Trade Facilitation Committee, assisting Ministry of Trade and NTFC in mainstreaming EPA requirements into national budgets, implementing agencies, and development policies and strategies, facilitation of dialogue platforms between private and public sector focusing on EPA implementation;

NGOs, Business Associations, Private Sector: Support to the Platform Supporting European Investors (PAIE) and preparation of policy notes and case studies on shared strategic interests between EU and Mozambique;

Support to European Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EuroCham): Mapping of investment and socio-economic contributions by European investors and firms, identification of EPA-related investment and growth opportunities, preparation of guidelines and communication strategy for EuroCham’s use.

  • Provision of advisory services: Aligning EPA requirements and WTO commitments and preparing a responsive action plan, coordinating bilateral and regional collaboration on EPA implementation in SADC EPA Group, provision of assistance in coordinating donor efforts to support EPA and WTO implementation;
  • Provision of Technical Assistance: Direct support in implementation of the Registered Exporter System, implementation of tariff schedules, operationalisation of Rules of Origin instruments, integration of EPA into the Mozambique Single Window;
  • Provision f Technical Training: Design and provide training on EPA tariff schedules, Rules of Origin, WTO guide, cumulation, and ad-hoc on EPA & WTO elements;