The overall objective of the project was to support the Republic of South Sudan to finalise conducting pre–entry studies to facilitate South Sudan’s entry into the East African Community (EAC) on favourable terms.

The specific objectives were divided into the key components as listed below:

  1. Review of the Economic Impact of EAC Accession on South Sudan;
  2. Review of the Regulatory Impact of EAC accession;
  3. Evaluation of the private sector’s awareness, expectations and challenges related to integration; and
  4. Providing advice on the negotiating strategy for EAC Accession of South Sudan.
  5. Accession: Implementation and needs assessments;
  6. Interlinkage between the Peace Agreement and the EAC;
  7. Outreach and sensitisation beyond the private sector-working with civil society, media and academia.

The completion of this assignment resulted in South Sudan’s successful accession to the EAC. This outcome was the collective result of the delivery of a host of smaller, more detailed outputs, which included:

  1. Support to the Republic of Sudan’s Negotiations for Accession to the East African Community report
  2. Fiscal Impact of Customs Union Assessment Study
  3. Support to the Republic of Sudan’s Negotiations for Accession to the East African Community report
  4. Trade workshop with South Sudan Business Forum, Private Sector Focus Group, Private Sector Consultative Workshop
  5. Progress on Submission Presentation, Presentation to Cabinet on South Sudan’s Accession, Negotiations Guide, Negotiations Framework Matrix, Draft Accession Treaty, Customs and Trade EAC Negotiation with the RoSS on Free Movement of Goods and Services Schedule (in cooperation with the TMEA Customs Team), Draft South Sudan Schedule of Commitments for progressive liberalisation of services, RSS Services Concept Note for Negotiators
  6. Road maps and action plans developed: Protocol on the Establishment of a Customs Union, Protocol on the Establishment of a Common Market, ICT Services Road Map, Infrastructure Implementation Road Map, EAC Education Programme, EAC Health, Agriculture, East African Development Bank, East African Development Fund, East African Community Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (EAC CASSOA), Rail Transport, Road Transport, Energy, Immigration and Migration
  7. Presentation on ‘South Sudan’s Accession to the EAC: Overview of Key Issues and Considerations and “Peace Agreement” overlap
  8. What comes next: EAC Future Sensitization Plan report, think tank held in Nov 2014
  9. Media Training: South Sudan and Regional Integration report, media workshop held in Mar 2016