This project aimed to understand the interrelations between the three RECs and the policy framework of the proposed FTA in order to formulate the EAC private sector’s position on the negotiations. The main objectives of the consultancy were to:

  • Carry out an comparative analysis of the EAC, COMESA, and SADC economies
  • Analyse the current and potential imports and exports between EAC and the two RECs, including the market size for EAC exports
  • Forecast potential volumes and value of EAC imports and exports from and to COMESA and SADC, for a period of 10 years after an FTA is established, breaking the above down for each of the EAC Partner States
  • Analyse the impact of Tripartite Free Trade Area on possible gains/losses through trade creation, trade diversion, and trade expansion on industrial competitiveness and sectoral employment.
  • Identify products that EAC may consider sensitive, for tripartite FTA phase down schedule.
  • Assess the draft Tripartite FTA Agreement and Annexes, specifically the texts on Rules of Origin, tariff liberalisation, dispute resolution, transit procedures, non-tariff barriers, trade remedies, technical barriers to trade; sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures and movement of business persons, all from an EAC private sector perspective.

Propose private sector positions for input into the negotiation process for all of the above.