The World Bank looked to assess the development of regional supply chains in context of regional and global value chains, and in particular, the role of services enablers in shaping competitiveness, participation, and upgrading of firms within these supply chains.

This project involved leading the development, implementation, and analysis of a series of surveys to assess the role of services enablers in regional supply chain development.

This study looked at services as an enabler to Global Value Chain (GVC) competitiveness and regional and global supply chain development in Africa. It involved conducting firm-level surveys in 9 countries in the SADC region to understand what challenges they face in the provision of services (such as design, marketing, accounting, quality testing, engineering services etc.) specifically in the food and apparel sector and how these impact their business operations. Three surveys were developed for 1) multinational/lead firms, 2) local firms and 3) service suppliers. In total, 44 firm interviews were conducted in each country.