The SADC Council of Ministers, at its meeting in August 2014, noted that the draft Revised Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2015-2020, contained a proposed roadmap for the development of the SADC long-term Vision, which would bring together the Revised RISDP and the Strategic Indicative Plan of the Organ (SIPO) – the latter designed to address the peace and security agenda – for purposes of having an integrated strategy in order to emphasize the complementarities and interrelatedness of the two strategic plans in the implementation of the SADC Common Agenda.

A Development Vision for the SADC region is an articulation of a desirable future condition or situation which the region envisages to attain and the plausible course of action to be taken for its achievement. It is a framework that would identify where the region wants to be by 2050. It will provide SADC with direction, motivation, guidelines for formulating successive medium-term development strategies, as well as justification and quantification of resources. It also seeks to actively mobilize the people and other resources towards the achievement of shared goals.

In view of the above, and with the expiration of both RISDP and SIPO by the end of 2020, there was need to develop a long-term Vision for the region. The anticipated Vision aimed at defining the long-term strategic intent or vision of the organization, realigning the priorities of regional cooperation, taking into account existing and emerging dynamics in the regional, continental and global arenas.

Imani Development was contracted to formulate the SADC Development Vision 2050 and the RISDP 2020-2030. Services and activities undertaken included:

  • Inception Phase
    • Preliminary briefing meeting in Gaborone between SADC Secretariat and Team;
    • Development of a Meso & Micro Stakeholder Map;
    • Initial Desk Review & Environmental Scanning;
      • SADC documents (RISDP 2015 – 2020; Industrialisation Strategy, etc at regional, national, and sectoral level);
      • MS National Visions and Development Plans;
      • Global and continental development landscape;
    • Development of questionnaires, tools, analytical frameworks, and field guides for SADC, MSs and their relevant MDAs, and other stakeholders (research & academia, business councils and chambers of commerce, key CSOs & NGOs);
    • Preparation of a comprehensive Inception Report;
  • Preparation of Research & Analytical Frameworks;
  • In-depth Desktop Documentary Review;
  • PEST Analysis of SADC;
  • Preparation of Preliminary Vision Document, Draft RISDP Discussion Document, Key Issues Paper;
  • Consultations with select stakeholders, partners, donors, and think-tanks;
  • In-Country and Remote Consultations with MSs and SADC;
  • Preparation and Validation of Final Vision 2050 and RISDP 2020-2030;
  • Preparation of Project Closure Report