The overall objective of the study was to identify potential key issues for Botswana in the Tripartite TFTA in terms of (1) Botswana’s position in the negotiations relating to opportunities for trade, and (2) the potential areas of support for Botswana enterprises.

The study comprised the following specific objectives:

  1. Investigate the potential downside of trade liberalisation under the Tripartite FTA to the Botswana economy and possible counter-measures/ negotiating strategies that Botswana can employ to avoid / mitigate the effects;


  1. Provide an overview of the state of the services sectors in Botswana, detailing opportunities for Botswana in the negotiation and implementation of the Tripartite FTA;


  1. Assess the supply-side constraints that limit the industry and recommend the necessary regulatory reforms and capacity needed to ensure benefit under the Tripartite FTA.