The SSI-Imani-FutureWorks Consortium was invited by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to undertake a planning study of Delma Island in 2010. The project involved a number of field visits to the island and the identification of three alternative strategies for economic development. The recommended strategy, referred to as the “sustainable village”, was accepted by the client. The study identified projects in infrastructure, tourism, education, agriculture, aquaculture and industry. It paid particular attention to sustainable systems of development in terms of land use, water and wastewater, energy, transport and investment which would both maintain and enhance the cultural heritage of Delma Island and lead to new economic activities that would arrest the fall in population numbers. Pre-feasibility studies were conducted for projects in the productive sectors, namely, agriculture, aquaculture and manufacturing, as the first stage in the implementation of the development strategy.

Imani provided expertise in different areas. These included: conducting an Economic, Social and Environmental Survey in the agriculture, aquaculture and manufacturing sectors; and developing a Development Strategy for these three sectors.