The Lesotho National Strategic Development Plan II (NSDP II) aims to transform Lesotho from a consumer-based economy to a producer and export-driven economy. It will serve as the blueprint for all development efforts over the next five years, and will implement the SDGs, the African Union Agenda 2063 Goals, the SADC Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) and Vision 2020. It emphasizes private sector development and gives priority to pursuing people-centred development.

Upon coming into power, the current government produced two documents being the New Coalition Government Agreement (built out of the ruling party’s manifestos) and the Two-year Strategic Policy Framework. This Strategic Framework is drawn from the current NSDP II by reprioritizing some areas of focus and strategies for implementation over the two-year period as per the Coalition Agreement. The Government is committed to restore trust of the nation, build strong public and constitutional institutions and ensure strong and inclusive economy.


The four Key Priority Areas embedded in the NSDP II are:

  • KPA I: Enhancing Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth and Private Sector Job Creation
  • KPA II: Strengthening Human Capital
  • KPA III: Building Enabling Infrastructure
  • KPA IV: Strengthening National Governance and Accountability Systems


Imani Development was contracted to undertake the Mid-Term Review of the NSDP II

Activities undertaken include:

  • Preparation of MTR analytical framework (informed by DAC Criteria)
  • Identification of Technical Working Groups and Line Ministry for consultation;
  • Preliminary in-country consultations with selected stakeholders;
  • Documentary review of ministerial reporting submissions, M&E framework, and development partner reports, and gap analysis of available data;
  • Drafting of Inception Report
  • Preparation of questionnaires to collect additional data and close data gap;
  • Synthesis of documentary review and drafting of Consolidated Mid-Term Report;
  • Facilitation of in-country and/or remote validation workshop, including capacity building session on knowledge management and progress reporting;
  • Preparation of Workshop Report;
  • Finalisation of Draft Report;
  • Preparation of 5-page Executive Summary
  • Revision of M&E Framework and updating baseline information and targets.