The objective of the MTR was to take stock and review progress achieved by EABC in the delivery of its mandate, and make recommendations in view of improving the implementation of programme activities during the remaining period of the project for a maximum impact. The review also mapped out any innovations and best practices, and captured any lessons learnt.

The project specific objectives were to evaluate EABC progress in its mandate:

  • to enhance human and institutional capacity of EABC;
  • stimulate private sector growth in the East African region; and
  • expand the private sector’s participation and opportunities in regional integration process in East Africa.

The project involved reviewing progress according to the 4 main components of the EACB mandate, including: Strengthening EABC Institutional Capacity, Policy Studies and Business Surveys; Membership Development and Support; and Information Sharing and Networking.

Some of the key activities included:

  • Re-assessment of Project Context and Design;
  • Objectives, Components, Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts;
  • Budget and Financing;
  • Project Governance and Management;
  • Implementation and Monitoring;

Audit and Risks to assess progress, identifying implementation challenges and proposing recommendations on the way forward.