Private Enterprise Programme in Zambia (PEPZ), is a six-year (2014-2020) UK Aid-funded private sector development programme designed to encourage and support investment and job creation. PEP Zambia helps intervention partners to introduce business innovations (new products, services or business models) that deliver profitable growth for our partner and open up new market opportunities for Zambian micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs).

To contribute to community level local economic development in Kalumbila District, PEPZ is working together with the Trident Foundation Limited (TFL) to enhance input supply, production, aggregation, value addition, distribution and supply of vegetables to markets within and outside of Kalumbila District.

The scope of consultancy services provided under this project included:

  • Brief Market Study
    • Estimation of demand, market size, supply route, pricing, quality requirements, and vulnerability of supply/demand dynamics for different horticultural products;
    • Rapid feasibility assessment covering market feasibility, production feasibility, logistical feasibility, and financial feasibility;
    • Preparation of a detailed stakeholder map, including identification of growers and buyers;
    • Consultation with value chain actors throughout the core value chain;
  • Training and Skills Development
    • Rapid assessment of training and capacity needs;
    • Prioritisation of training and skills needs to achieve impact, informed by the market study;
    • Development of a modular training curriculum;
    • Assessment of TFL’s capacity to deliver training and support services;
    • Design of facilitator and training of trainers materials
  • Development of a Business Plan for Local Retailer and Distributor of Vegetables
    • Identification of a local business to function as a lead firm;
    • Rapid scoping assessment of identified business to fulfil required functions;
    • Development of a basic business plan based on the scoping exercise;
    • Validation and training;
  • Learning & Recommendations
    • Capturing key learnings and lessons, and collation into a training library