It is with great pride that we announce Imani Development International Ltd has recently become a Certified B Corporation®. This prestigious designation is a way for Imani Development to express its organisational mission to alleviate poverty through economic development. It also shows that meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability is ingrained in our organisational DNA, our staff, and our work.

In order to become a Certified B Corporation®, Imani Development underwent a thorough and rigorous evaluation process to determine whether we met the comprehensive performance standards necessary to qualify. This included evaluating aspects such as how we treat our employees, what our firm’s impact on the environment is, how we measure our impact on clients and their beneficiaries, and whether we really are impacting positively on the world around us.

As a Certified B Corporation® we also have a legal imperative to institutionalise and comply with the B Corporation values and ethos to create a better world through the business we conduct and the work that we do and recognise this is a road not a destination.

You can view our B Corporation® Community Profile here: Imani Development International Ltd

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