The overall objective of the project is to promote reforms in macroeconomic policy, improve legislation, the institutional setup and financial measures (the rules of the game) relating to the enabling environment of the private sector in ACP countries and/or regions.

The project aims at facilitating reflection and access to information by stakeholders on pertinent themes, relating to the enabling environment and linkages with key macro, meso and micro issues. More specifically, the project aims at providing a venue to key selected stakeholders from the Republic of Vanuatu and the Pacific region to discuss business environment issues and possible assistance from BizClim for boosting the business and investment climate and identifying concrete collaboration opportunities.

Imani Development services included:
– Organized a 2-day engagement meeting held in Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu, on the business environment in Vanuatu and the Pacific region, programmes and collaboration opportunities held with 20 stakeholders from the region

– Identified collaboration opportunities and made proposals for actions aimed at improving the business and investment climate, defining the role of BizClim.