The Fairtrade for Development in Africa (FTDA) grant was both the largest awarded by Comic Relief under its Trade Programme, and the largest grant received by the Fairtrade Foundation. The aim of the FTDA was to contribute to the reduction of poverty in Africa by scaling up the Fairtrade Labelling system as a way of improving the livelihoods of farmers and farm workers, and promoting sustainable development in their communities.

The Final Evaluation assessed the extent to whicht the funding had contributed to this aim.

As part of delivery, the Imani team:

  • Evaluated to what extent the outcomes and outputs of the project had been achieved,
  • Evaluated the role of the Fairtrade Foundation as grant responsible organization and in generating market interest for Fairtrade,
  • Evaluated the impact that Comic Relief Funding has had on Fairtrade Africa and its work (including progress against objectives, achievements and challenges) and extracted what learning there may be for future engagement of Comic Relief with Fairtrade,
  • Evaluated the sustainability of Fairtrade Africa beyond the life of the Comic Relief grant,
  • Supplemented Fairtrade’s reporting to Comic Relief, and
  • Evaluated the efficiency if the grant in seeding new initiatives (e.g. establishing the markets in East and South Africa and the Technical Assistance Fund, country and product networks etc.).