Fight for Peace International (FFPI) works with youth at risk or already involved in violence to develop their psycho social, academic and job skills using boxing and martial arts as an entry point to the youth. The SCP specifically, uses a ‘Collective Impact’, which is a strategy for social change based on the assumption that “too many organizations are working in isolation from one another. Collective impact brings people together, in a structured way, to achieve social change”.

The SCP programme aims to “develop, pilot, and codify a sustainable, collective impact model for youth crime and violence reduction that can be adapted and replicated in any city and community”.

Imani Development was contracted to undertake formative and summative longitudinal evaluation of the Safer Communities Incubator programme (SCP) implemented by FFPI in Kingston, Jamaica, and in Cape Town, South Africa.

Specific tasks performed by Imani Development included:

  • Designing a dashboard of youth crime and violence indicators, specific to the targeted project communities to allow for comparative analysis of results;
  • Conducting a baseline study of key indicators in each target city;
  • Providing formative inputs into the design and implementation of the programme. This speaks to the appropriateness of the design and subsequent activities and could involve the formulation/finalization of a theory of change for the project outlining the current assumptions and risks based on information gathered.
  • Conducting a summative evaluation at the end of Phase 1 of the programme;
  • Contributing to the codification of the SCI model. This involved systematically documenting the operational processes, lessons learned, good practices and make recommendations for future implementation of the model in other contexts with similar conditions of community vulnerability