Imani Development is the local implementing partner for the Businesbusiness_innovation_facility-300x181s Innovation Facility (BIF) 2 in Malawi. The six-year DfID-funded programme takes a systemic approach to market development, supporting companies to develop or scale-up innovative ‘inclusive business’ models which seek to enable the poor to benefit from markets. BIF has evaluated and selected markets based on their high potential for pro-poor impact, their economic growth opportunities and the feasibility of achieving change. The BIF programme in Malawi is now in its second phase, following the successful completion of the BIF Pilot in late 2013.

The markets in Malawi in which BIF is currently working include Pigeon Pea, Pico Solar Products (PSP) and Rice. BIF is supporting Malawian companies by:

  • Supporting the development of input companies to increase availability of improved seed varieties and appropriate Pest Disease Management Inputs for pigeon pea producing smallholder farmers;
  • Exploring mechanisms that stimulates better coordination and collaboration between pigeon pea stakeholders;
  • Improving aggregator-related interventions by private sector players;
  • Exploring new and better ways for PSP importers to market and distribute products;
  • Looking for novel finance mechanisms to increase PSP sales to low-income consumers; and
  • Influencing the enabling environment and facilitating the provision of market intelligence on PSPs.

For more information on the programme, please visit the new BIF2 Website.