TraCCS is an Imani-designed and implemented project supporting 3 strategic value chains in Malawi: tea, coffee and pigeon peas. TraCCS aims to develop more inclusive and sustainable value chains for export and domestic consumption in these three products in a pro-poor and climate smart manner. Imani will work with Malawian medium and large private sector companies to support inclusive business development and the implementation of bottom line strategies and renewable energy into the value chains. The primary objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of these value chains in an inclusive manner, in order to deliver improved smallholder incomes and reduce natural resource degradation.

Focal Aim: To stimulate sustainable economic growth in Malawi through the development of agricultural value chains, namely coffee, tea and pigeon peas (toor dhal lentils), in a climate smart and pro-poor manner.

The Core strategy: Increasing competitiveness at the sector-wide level will provide stability to the macro-economy. Further, by improving the competitiveness of these value chains in a way that is sensitive to inclusivity, the project will create greater economic benefit throughout the value chain and low income groups will receive a fairer distribution of these gains. Furthermore, as well as providing economic benefits, all value chain intervention will have an environmental and social impact.


This approach was designed to align with the overarching Malawi development framework (Malawi Growth and Development Strategy and the Agricultural Sector Wide Approach) and the Scotland Malawi Cooperation Agreement.

Imani Specific Services:

  • IEL provided the overarching project management and was responsible for liaison with all the Scottish partners and service providers involved.
  • ICL provided the project management in Malawi and works in Malawi to ensure efficient delivery of all in country outputs.
  • Together IEL and ICL coordinated and delivered the project Monitoring and Evaluation and wider impact assessment.