The outcome was to deliver technical assistance to the Government of Swaziland  leading to the development of policies and capacities essential for it to benefit from opportunities arising from global trade liberalisation (WTO; DFQF under EU/EPA and US/AGOA) and various bilateral trade agreements and its membership of the three above mentioned RECs. Imani developed Swaziland’s Aid for Trade Strategy, including facilitating a national ‘aid for trade’ stakeholder workshop in Swaziland.

The Government of Swaziland sought to develop its own aid for trade strategy, given the role of trade as a critical component of its development strategy. In 2010, the Government made a formal request to the AFDB to conduct an assessment of Swaziland’s trade support needs. The assessment exercise was intended to be the first part in the formulation of an Aid for Trade Strategy for Swaziland.