The objective of this project was to develop the competitiveness of the Caribbean Rice Industry in response to challenges of liberalization in the global rice industry. Specifically the project developed certification standards for the production, promotion and exports of Fair-trade rice in Guyana and Suriname.
There two major outcomes of this project were:

  1. Enhanced awareness on the preparation, adoption and application of fair-trade labelling standards for Rice Exports.
  2. Recommendations on Certification Standards to support the development of a Fair-Trade Label for the Rice Industry in Guyana & Surname.

Imani Development services included:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Review of Fair Trade labelling initiatives including those that were shifting from environmental labelling to Fair Trade labelling
  • A review of Fair Trade standards applicable to rice using the FLO standard as an option but potentially developing and recommending an alternative standard
  • Interviews with CRA staff and other rice experts based on a common set of questions that can be quantified
  • Face to face meetings with in-country rice farmers to ensure their views are included
  • Meetings with FLO and WFTO to explore what a Fair Trade rice standard might include and to look at the option of CRA involvement
  • A review of the EU market opportunities for rice both as a Fair Trade product and as a market lead product