Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) is an Angolan bank, operating since 1993. In 2005, BFA’s Board of Directors approved the design and creation of a Social Fund, intended to support relevant social initiatives at national level in the areas of education, healthcare, and social solidarity. In 2017, the BFA Board increased funds available for social development through these functions and established the BFA Foundation with this endowment.

The BFA Foundation intended to develop a programme that could evolve into an Impact Philanthropy model, combining financial support with mentoring and capacity building. Two sub-projects were to be developed, namely BFA Impacto and BFA Solidário.

This assignment specifically focused on developing BFA Solidário, consisting of a philanthropic prize aimed at providing support to initiatives of a social developmental nature within the defined strategic focal areas.

Imani Development was contracted to design and develop the overarching Philanthropic Prize Programme, and provide implementation support.

Services provided and activities undertaken included:

  1. Comprehensive project inception, including:
    a. Review of the philanthropic strategic intentions and ambitions BFA Foundation and its predecessor, the Social Fund;
    b. In-country Inception Meeting, including interviews with a range of internal and external stakeholders;
    c. Finalisation of the Design Methodology and Workplan.
  2. BFA Solidário Design:
    a. Contextual analysis of social development and philanthropy in Angola;
    b. Best-practice analysis and identification of lessons from similar programmes;
    c. Primary data collection through key informant interviews (both in-person and remote);
    d. Facilitation of a Collaborative Learning Workshop with BFA Foundation Management;
    e. Rapid Assessment of Capacity and Training Needs;
    f. Development of a Prize Guide and Tools, including due-diligence criteria, impact criteria, operational procedures, and reporting mechanisms;
  3. Implementation Support
    a. Ongoing Training, Mentorship, and Implementation Support as required.