Aquaculture is a pillar of the rural economy in Scotland, with 8,000 jobs directly and indirectly across the industry, and generating approximately GBP1.4 million across the wider economy. It is a source of sustainable employment for youth and contributes to directly to development in “fragile areas” that are seeing continued deindustrialisation.

Imani Development’s involvement in Aquaculture in Scotland is well-documented. As a firm with an interest in both seeing the Scottish economy thrive and the Aquaculture industry become an increasingly competitive part of Global Value Chains, we have been providing technical assistance, industry research, and advisory services to assist the Scottish Aquaculture industry to remain a responsible driver of sustainable economic growth and community development.

In 2015, Imani Development was contracted by the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation to develop a “Community Engagement Charter”. This charter intends to highlight the key commitments being made by the Scottish Salmon Industry in relation to how they work with communities throughout Scotland, and the benefits of engagement to their business, to the industry, and to the citizens of these communities.

Benefits of Community Engagem

It articulates the need to maintain clear lines of communication with the communities where they work, to operate with transparency and openness, to commit to skills development and local sourcing, and collaborate with community members and other stakeholders to maintain Scotland’s pristine natural resources.

We believe this Charter will be a means to improve industry governance, provide communities with a documented promise of commitment, and inspire other organisations and industries to do the same in their geographic areas of operation.

You can find the full report here: SSPO – Community Engagement Charter, or from the Report Repository on the right of this article.

Find out more about Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation at their website: