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South Africa Business Climate Survey 2014 – Challenges Remain, but Potential Exists

By |27th July 2015|

Imani Development, together with our colleagues from Tutwa Consulting, administered the 2014 Business Climate Survey on behalf of the EU-SA Business Links (a precursor to the newly launched EU Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Africa). The full report can be downloaded here.
The survey concentrated on the opinions of EU companies on the investment […]

Imani Develops Handbook for Sustainable Coffee Production in Malawi

By |18th June 2015|

Earlier this year Imani Development presented the newly revised ‘Handbook for Sustainable Coffee Production in Malawi’ to the Coffee Association of Malawi.
This handbook includes information and guidelines for the development of Malawi’s coffee sector, with specific detail for both smallholders and estates. Building on information from previous Malawian and regional coffee publications, it provides new […]

Tripartite Summit Paves the Way for the Tripartite Free Trade Agreement

By |18th June 2015|

The Tripartite Summit, involving Heads of State and Governments from 26 African countries that took place in Egypt between 7 and 10 June 2015, set the stage to launch the COMESA, EAC and SADC Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA). This is in line with the agreement reached by the Tripartite Sectoral Committee of Ministers meeting in Burundi […]

Boosting Agricultural Competitiveness through Private Sector in Zimbabwe

By |1st April 2015|

The Zimbabwe Agricultural Competitiveness Project, which ran from October 2010 – February 2015, set out to increase the competitiveness of Zimbabwe’s agricultural private sector. The project was funded by USAID-Zimbabwe to support and strengthen agribusiness associations within Zimbabwe and assist them to develop their analytical and advocacy capacity, with the ultimate goal of improving the agribusiness […]

Exciting Results Anticipated for the Second Business Innovation Facility

By |3rd March 2015|

The implementation of activities is gathering momentum for the DFID-funded Business Innovation Facility (BIF2). This project follows-on from the first Business Innovation Facility (BIF1) which ran from 2010 – 2013 and provided practical, hands-on advice and technical expertise to support companies to develop or scale up inclusive business models, with Imani Development serving as country manager […]

Project Implementation Starts for the Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund

By |18th February 2015|

The Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund (MICF) is currently in its implementation phase. This competitive facility, through which businesses within Malawi’s agricultural and manufacturing sectors can obtain funding, is jointly managed by Imani Development and Nathan Associates London with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Department for International Development (DFID).
The MICF fund managers have […]

Ensuring Legislative Compliance of Regional Decisions in COMESA, EAC, ECOWAS and SADC

By |4th February 2015|

In many developing countries, regional integration is increasingly being acknowledged as a strategy for addressing development issues. Motives for regional integration include economic, social and political interests. In Africa, regional integration is especially viewed as a response to the difficulties faced by a continent with many small national markets and many landlocked countries. As a […]