Picture courtesy of Development Alternatives Inc.

The Zimbabwe Agricultural Competitiveness Project, which ran from October 2010 – February 2015, set out to increase the competitiveness of Zimbabwe’s agricultural private sector. The project was funded by USAID-Zimbabwe to support and strengthen agribusiness associations within Zimbabwe and assist them to develop their analytical and advocacy capacity, with the ultimate goal of improving the agribusiness environment for stakeholders; increasing efficiencies in agricultural markets by developing and applying improved technologies and enhancing the capacity of institutions, and enhancing the capacity of business service providers to deliver demand-driven trainings and technical assistance at firm and farmer level.

Imani Development was subcontracted by Development Alternatives Inc. to provide and manage consultants who specialised in the fields of focus required for the project. Imani provided two long term agricultural economists as well as short-term consultants in specialist areas including cost benefit analysis, analysis on cost of compliance with regulations, export capacity building, agribusiness Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) training, and farmers unions support and policy work.

 The project concluded with a lengthy list of accomplishments including, but not limited to:

  • Twenty studies were commissioned in support of evidence-based advocacy by farmer and agribusiness representative bodies
  • Seventeen policies, regulations and administrative procedures reviewed and approved for implementation
  • A first-of-its-kind GlobalGAP (an agricultural standard that covers the entire production process) was facilitated
  • Profitability of 511 agricultural and food security related firms were increased
  • Farming as a Family Business (FaaFB) training provided to 11 274 business enterprises through a Zim-ACP facilitated, cascaded training program in all the 8 provinces of Zimbabwe.

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