The purpose of the project was to bolster the capacity of the MEACA in carrying out its role of promoting Uganda’s interests in pursuit of EAC regional integration. Specifically, this project would design and implement a package of support for regional economic integration to MEACA and other ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) in Uganda.

The project was implemented in 2 phases of Design and Implementation, as described below:

  1.  Design phase: This phase articulated a programme of technical assistance and training to boost MEACA’s capacity and responsiveness. This included preparing detailed Terms of Reference (TOR), an indicative action plan and a budget for implementation of the programme. It served as the basis for short and long-term technical assistance in the implementation phase.
  2. Implementation phase: This phase provided technical and management support for the implementation of the programme, and management of financial aid on behalf of the Ministry. Both long- and short-term experts were supplied. The long-term staff were paired with counterpart key MEACA officials and included a full-time trade economist, trade lawyer, communications expert, programme assistant and M&E officer. Short-term technical assistance was employed on a needs basis to provide specialised skills in areas such as economics, law, communications, political science, social inclusion and development.