The main goal of the project was to enhance the capacity of MTICM to coordinate and lead the Kingdom of Lesotho’s trade negotiations. This is achieved through the provision of technical assistance and provision of stakeholder training to all the relevant actors particularly the MTICM. The consultancy was positioned to deliver on 4 objectives.

These are listed below:

Objective 1: Mapping and prioritisation of trade related agreements Lesotho is party to. This is achieved through the alignment of trade negotiations strategies with national development plans.

Objective 2: Diagnostic assessment of Lesotho negotiating capacity and Institutional framework. The establishment of the LCCT contributes to the achievement of objective 2.

Objective 3: To deliver technical capacity building activities. This objective is achieved through the improvement of the quality of trade negotiations submissions and building the understanding on transposition of regional commitments on domestic trade laws and commitments.

Objective 4: Provide economic and legal assessment and position papers to support Lesotho negotiators. This is achieved by providing economic and legal assessments, as well as position papers to support Lesotho negotiations.

Objective 5: Prepare sustainable trade negotiations budget. This objective is achievable through the provision of sustainable financing strategy for trade negotiation participation.

Activities included:

  • Identifying Lesotho’s key negotiations priorities
  • Technical Support to Trade Negotiations
  • Capacity Building on various trade negotiations topics
  • Institutional Support
  • Institutional Review
  • Establishment of the Lesotho Coordinating Committee on Trade (LCCT)
  • Trade Negotiations Coordination Through the LCCT