Richard is the founder and non-executive Chairman of the Imani Development Group with over 35 years’ experience working in Eastern and Southern Africa in economic development issues; having started Imani Development in 1982 in Zimbabwe. Richard is a recognized leading specialist in regional economic integration issues in Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean region; and in trade policy. He has consulted extensively for COMESA, EAC, IOC and SADC Secretariats for more than 20 years as well as for many of the main international development agencies and donors, including DFID, the EC, USAID, World Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat and the UN. He is a highly experienced project manager, having previously directed a number of large donor-funded projects in the ACP region, including the DfID-funded Southern Africa Regional Trade Facilitation Programme for six years; and the EC-funded Cross-Border Initiative (CBI) for intra-regional trade, investment and payments in East and Southern Africa which ran for eight years. Under the CBI, Richard was responsible for organising several ministerial meetings and technical conferences. He has twice been engaged by the Global Coalition for Africa as an advisor to the Ministers on the subject of rationalization of regional integration institutions in Africa and was a member of special task force set up by the WTO to review the work of the Integrated Framework for LDCs.